Uptown & Downtown

The Uptown Downtown Oakland Community Benefit Districts, launched originally in 2008, and renewed for another ten-year term in 2018, are committed to revitalizing Oakland’s historic downtown by maintaining cleanliness and order in the public rights-of-way, promoting district identity, building community, promoting business attraction, fostering cultural opportunities, creating and maintaining new public spaces, and advocating on behalf of the district stakeholders.

6,000 linear feet of medians planted and maintained in 2022

4 public spaces managed and maintained

48,529 instances of graffiti abated in

37 activations produced directly by the CBDs in 2022

19,115 power washing hot spots
in 2022

$95,600.00 spent on event and activations sponsorships in 2022

Caretakers of the Public Realm

Our Ambassadors are the face of our Hospitality and Maintenance Program and the caretakers of our downtown. Our friendly and approachable team works daily to ensure the cleanliness of our public rights of way and engage with visitors, residents, and ground level businesses. With a focus on hospitality, they serve to enhance the pedestrian experience, by offering information and directions. Additionally, they are tasked with the maintenance of public spaces, landscaping projects, ensuring that the district provides a welcoming environment for all those who live, work, and play in downtown Oakland!


Pablo’s Alley

The Pablo’s Alley vendor market is a community-building and inclusive economic development initiative of the Uptown Downtown CBDs.
The goal of Pablo’s Alley is to positively transform and activate Frank Ogawa Plaza while supporting micro-business incubation and the safe operation and economic growth of all businesses on the plaza, making the plaza vibrant and welcoming to all visitors.


There’s never a dull moment in the town. Step into the heart of our city and let the rhythm and the pulse guide your next adventure. Whether you are visiting the Bay Area for the first time, a native seeking to find more hidden gems, or a local business owner looking for ways to promote your unique offerings, Oakland Central is the place to discover, celebrate, and connect with all that our beautiful downtown has to offer.
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