Updated COVID-19 Operating Procedures: Updated April 2, 2020 

The Uptown Downtown Oakland Community Benefit Districts take the safety and wellbeing of our Ambassador staff extremely seriously, and have worked tirelessly to create a work environment that mitigates the possibility of spreading the Covid-19 among these frontline workers. Our Ambassador staff represent the very best of Oakland, and the work we do impacts all users of our downtown, especially and specifically when it comes to creating a clean and safe environment for all. We believe our work is more important than ever in stopping the spread of this disease and will do all we can to flatten the curve by stanitizing areas used by our most vulnerable populations, including BART stations, AC Transit bus stops, public spaces and all other public furniture. 

Below are new standards and best practices we have adopted in order to protect our team, with the goal of creating the safest possible work environment. 

Advanced Training for All Staff 

  • Specific training videos have been created to teach our staff how to best communicate to the public that we are retaining a 6ft barrier at all times for the safety of our staff. We are Practicing Social Distancing in the field. 
  • Specific training videos have been created to demonstrate best practices for deep cleaning equipment at the beginning and end of each shift. 
  • We have found fact based videos from doctors in NYC that discuss the reality of the disease and clearly demonstrate how the virus spreads and the ways in which each person can keep safe. 
  • We will require staff to complete weekly training modules specific to our Covid-19 operating procedures. 

Work Area and Deployment Policies 

  • We are requiring all staff take their temperature prior to entering the work space. 
  • We have created two separate work sites for maintenance and overnight crews, and our safety teams. 
  • Our deployment model limits the number of staff in either office at any time to three (3). 
  • Our deployment times are staggered to minimize overlap. 
  • We will be conducting debriefings outside. 
  • Each worksite will be deep-cleaned twice daily. 
  • Managers will be required to adhere to the strict enforcement of the above Covid-19 operating procedures for all staff facilities. 

In Field Operating Policies 

  • As always our staff is empowered to Stop, Think and Act for their safety and will be required to continue this important best practice. If they see something they must say something. 
  • All staff will wear specifically designed uniforms that have signage indicating that we are required to keep 6ft distance to all members of the community. 
  • All staff will be given supplies of gloves, disinfecting supplies. 
  • Staff will be targeting areas that are used most by the community and will be supplied with critical information to support our most vulnerable populations. 
  • Each employee to be responsible for disinfecting his/her equipment before and after each shift. 
  • Management will take targeted action to enforce all adopted Covid-19 operating procedures while staff is in the field. 

Looking Forward 

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread and change the daily lives of everyone in Oakland and beyond, we must remain vigilant and responsive to the evolving situation and do our best to adapt to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff and our community. Today, we are pressing forward with the plan above, and will continue to refine our approach as new information becomes available and resources come online. 

In Community, 

The Uptown Downtown Community Benefit Districts