Dear Stakeholders:


Over the last two weeks, we have been closely monitoring the impact of the Coronavirus and are in daily communication with the leadership of our Ambassador Program. Our primary concern is keeping our staff safe and healthy. Some of the steps we have taken include the following:


  • Working to reduce the amount of exposure to our staff by disinfecting our operating spaces and taking practical, easily applied steps to reduce opportunities for close contamination.
  • Disinfecting tools and equipment at the end of each shift.
  • Informing staff to follow company protocol and stay home if they do not feel well and to keep us apprised of their health status.


With recent high-profile decisions designed to limit public exposure over the last twenty-four hours, the situation and direction remains fluid from day-to-day.

At this point our attention has shifted toward thinking through how the broad spread of the virus might impact the services we deliver on your behalf. The impact on the daily lives of our front-line staff and their overall well-being is most critical to us as we consider modifications to the schedules over the next few weeks.

Our plan in the coming days is to evaluate the impact of the virus, make operating adjustments as necessary, and consider scenarios in which we find it necessary to run a limited schedule.

We will continue to monitor this unprecedented situation and will make necessary operating adjustments in accordance with guidance from national, state and local health officials and keep you apprised of any significant changes.

We would also appreciate communication from you if you learn of a diagnosed case of COVID-19 of someone who is a tenant in your building and a reminder to contact the CDC.  Since many of our Ambassadors are in district buildings and businesses daily, we would appreciate communication with us should an employee or tenant have a confirmed case.

Download the printable informational sheet below from the CDC to share with your tenants and employees on how to keep commercial and retail establishments safe.

For more information on the CDC’s guidance for business response, please visit the website:

We encourage you to continue to refer to the CDC website for updates and additional information   

We appreciate your partnership.


Uptown Downtown Oakland CBD Staff