When staff and our Executive Committee met in early January to engage in the strategic planning process, no one could have predicted what lay ahead of us only a few months later, but strategic plans are not meant to predict the future, only to establish a direction for your organization’s future, so the effort wasn’t for naught.

What do we do? Where have we been? Where are we going? What steps are we going to take to sharpen our focus in order to get there? Those were the questions that led to the facilitated group discussion. Where did we land?

We lead with our values of inclusion, equity, and compassion. We are trustworthy facilitators, community partners, relationship builders, information disseminators, and promoters and supporters of small businesses, artists, and those working to preserve the culture and people who make Oakland unique.

While our plan was intended to guide us over the next three years, the unwavering, annual goals were clear - continue to build and strengthen strategic partnerships, deliver best-in-industry clean and safe services, market and promote our small businesses, restaurants, and bars, activate underutilized public spaces to create opportunities for community gatherings and cultural and artistic expression, and pursue consistent, compassion-forward engagement with local and national leaders around issues of homelessness and mental health.

Even in the face of tremendous adversity, we were able to deliver on our renewed and refined commitment to provide value to our stakeholders. We look to the future with optimism and know our organization can maintain our values and reach our fullest potential while contributing significantly to the recovery and rebuilding of our

Oakland Central