Uptown & Downtown

The Lake Merritt-Uptown and Downtown Oakland Community Benefit Districts, launched in 2008, are committed to revitalizing Oakland’s historic downtown by maintaining cleanliness and order in the public rights-of-way, promoting district identity, building community, promoting business attraction, fostering cultural opportunities, and creating and maintaining new public spaces as well as advocating on behalf of the district stakeholders.


Caretakers of the Public Realm

Our Ambassadors are the face of our Clean and Safe Program and the caretakers of our downtown. Our friendly and approachable team works daily to; ensure the cleanliness of our public rights of way and public spaces, engage with visitors and sidewalk level businesses alike to enhance the pedestrian experience, and provide information and directions to all users of our downtown.

Leading with a Purpose

Over the past decade, as our districts have grown and evolved, we have worked to retain the culture and atmosphere that has set Oakland apart from other East Bay cities. We are proud to say that, by working with passionate and dedicated community partners, we have helped foster an ecosystem that allows for the economic growth of our districts while maintaining and celebrating the culture that makes Oakland unique.


Oakland Central is the districts’ platform for promoting Downtown Oakland as a destination for world-class dining, shopping, entertainment, arts, and culture.

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